Tuesday, August 2, 2011

F4F Grand Finals tonight!

Hello guys, playing NaVi tonight in grand finals @ 19.00 CET!!

Support us @ #mym.dota & www.mymym.com

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Keep it real!


Saturday, May 22, 2010


Hi fans & haters

It has been a slow period for dota untill now where it has started slowly with the eswc quali in rus and the publication of the 5 invited teams which will be official in a week or so.

I wanna say gratz to dts for winning, they showed stability and strength through the entire asus tournament and their victory is well deserved.

We are all crossing fingers and hoping for invite and i wanna hear what you guys think which teams should be invited, here is the the list:

01 - AEONsport - (ESWC 2008 champion)
02 - ESWC 2010 INVITATION #1 [Malaysian team, ks/nirvana.my]
03 - ESWC 2010 INVITATION #2 [Mcity/TeG/OK]
04 - ESWC 2010 INVITATION #3 [MYM]
05 - ESWC 2010 INVITATION #4 [Blight]
06 - ESWC 2010 INVITATION #5 [Nirvana.int]
07 - CHINA #1 [LGD.sGty / nirvana.cn]
08 - FRANCE #1 [Tribal.FR/fvs]
09 - GREECE #1
10 - IRAN #1
11 - POLAND #1
12 - RUSSIA #1 (DTS)

This is my list and the order doesnt make any difference, what do you guys think? Keep in mind that countrys with qualifiers wont get invite and one team represents their country. There are strong teams from brazil, india and philippines but since i have no knowledge about their teams and strength i have decided not to include hence i made this blogg and im asking you guys about your oppinions.

Till next time, keep it real q;-)

Peace out !

Ps. If you know who has won the other qualifiers feel free to enlighten me, thx all :)

I am a big fan of music, here is some good shit for u guys :D

For the smokers: 2pac - 5 Shotz ft Bone Thugs n' Harmony

For the rockers: Finger Eleven - Paralyzer

For the cockers: 666 - Supa Dupa Fl


Sunday, April 25, 2010

Yihaaaaaa :-)

Hi fans and hi haters

The last week we havent rly been able to play any official matches cuz of maelks absence and defloss was discussed cuz we didnt wanna play with standin, but u know maelk cant be replaced and luckily we didnt have to.

And to the ddt games, finally we fucking beat them!!! At some point we were starting to think it was impossible since they kept owning us and i must say they were the team to beat since they have been stomping the scene including us, but that shit is oveeeeeeeeeer!

Game 1

We played a really good game here and had the upper hand early game but we started getting caught (by we i mean me) and feeding since it was impossible to do anything. Bm hawk totally shut us down, we couldnt put up a bait without them knowing and they could plan their attacks perfectly with full vision while ours was limited. I think ddt did a great comeback this game, as one of the very few teams they were able to pull back and farm and then get back into the game which we couldnt rly stop since they kept control of the vision and made us sitting ducks with no vision.

Game 2

Unfortunately there is no replay of this game but u can watch stream somewhere if u dont wanna miss a legendary puck by lacoste and morph by maelk. This game was similar to first game just with ddt having the upper hand, miggels sk shut us down totally early game but we did to them what they did to us and throughout early mid game when shaker/puck got dagger we were able to win fights and bounce back into the game turn it into our favour, remove their vision then kill loda who was a sitting duck (just like us in 1st game) 0-8 silencer hahhaaha and finish them off afterwards.

Game 3

Hmm, not much to say about this game we played it safe took fights we wanted, took rosh when possible, pushed when timing was right and i think not giving them vision made this game a lot easier for us (pusher doing magic). You can see at some point cant remember when razor farming bot lane and gets jumped and killed instantly which buys us time to go kill rosh since they were 4 and wouldnt try take a fight with one man down. If they had vision and saw us coming they could have setup and used it as bait.

I have seen some comments about supporters not getting enuff credit which i think is a little true but mostly from u guys, the community, this game pusher made the difference with him outwarding ddt, he can do support all alone while our other supporter maelk wants to make radiance on venge and thats what makes him one of the best if not The best supporter out there! Referring to maelk ofc hahaha :p

I just think watching kill stats is superficial u guys should show more love for supporters, cuz without them and their support (warding, ready to tp, sacrifice with swap etc) it wouldnt be possible to go 10-0 and would end up being 0-10 instead trust me been there :P

What is pimp without his hoes?!?! hahahah j/k

Much love for fans and haters <3>

Heres some music for

the smokers; Immortal technique - freedom of speech

and some chill: 213 feat x-zibit - game dont wait

Till next time, keep it real ! q:-)

Thursday, April 15, 2010


hi fans & haters

A few days have passed since last and reason why i havent written anything is cuz i have been busy playing assassins creed, playing with sony vegas 9.0 and fixing school.

I just finished the game and i must say it is one of the best games i have ever played and i recommend for you to try it if you havent already. The details, effects and moves are beyond any game i have tried before.

Sony vegas is because i would like to learn how to make a movie but im a rookie who just started so i guess u shouldnt hold your breath for that one :D

As far as school goes i was at an interview today and it all went fine. I plan to study finance (finansøkonom in danish) which is required for the job i want (real estate) and i will have the answer whether or not i have been accepted within two weeks so cross ur fingers for me :P

Regarding dota we have been playing a few games and i guess there isnt really much to say.

We played gfdp in prodota challenge loserbracket finals replay link

People probably wondered why we let maelk on carry hahah :D When you have mania on sand king you can settle with one carry and lacoste brood never fails! This game we had the control kept pushing and forcing them to split and then we gathered and used our advantage to fight 5v4/3 since we forced some of them to defend and leave their teammates. I think this is the major reason we won and ofc a rusty kunka farming with ship helps :P

Then we played teg in pick league replay link

The outcome was surprisingly ezy ending with feeder1905 ragequitting :P Teams, every single player in sports should show sportsmanship, act with respect and say gg (even though you sometimes dont mean it). Reason why i pick on freezer is cuz it is a norm in sports such as football to shake hands and say thx for the games so why not e-sports? Some would say you cant compare but this is a game, a competition and whether it is win or lose you do it with attitude. Nuff said

Last but not least we played tribal.int also in pick league replay link

The result of the game against tribal.int wasnt surprising i guess. When i saw the tb pick i knew they didnt care. Baja told in an interview that they had a bad start in pick league and wouldnt strive for the top since it was out of reach and instead focus on other leagues. This game is a good example even if you lose hard you do it with attitude and say gg instead of ragequitting. Shame on you freezer! And all other ragequitters!

I will try to fix some pictures but u'll have to wait since i dont smoke as much as i used to :p but heres two good songs; Snoop The PowerPUFFER for the blazers; http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r7A_VREJ25M & Citizen Cope for some chill http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4d4O02BJz74

Till next time; keep it real!

Peace out q:-)

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Busy Sunday

Hi fans and hi haters q:-)

It has been a busy day with dota non-stop. Started the day of with two games vs mcity which was sort of a dissappoinment, at least the first game, then we had two games against kFt which was like a walk in the park (not saying they are bad, i have seen their replays they play well, but these specific games we played were a bit easy both of them) and at the end we finished off with DTS.

Games vs mcity

1st game: http://www.gosugamers.net/dota/replays/30781

We felt confident while getting ready for the first game and we were satisfied with our picks. I have seen some people wondering why we picked brood even though they had shaker and reason is that brood can be used in different ways.

1 You can use brood for push with broodlings and getting fast towers etc.
2 You can use brood as babysitter (seen by ddt)
3 You can use brood for farm/carry

We used him as a farmer/carry and put him on the long lane which is common because of his webs. Brood gives you a lot more to work with since the long lane is basically the "hardest" and bm is one of the heroes who can survive on his own without getting pulled back/out of xp range like many other heroes would. We had the tripple planned out so that is why we picked brood and ofc lakost likes to play against creeps, so it all falls into pieces :D

Game started off really nice and went smooth with decent cs on carrys for both parts but we had a slight advantage with towers and kills when two of their players all of a sudden desynced due to wrong patch. It is not very professional but who knows maybe they were in a café or they had reinstalled or something, but since we did not have a fresh save we had to continue. And yea kinda hard to play 3vs5 so it was disappointing, without the trouble it could have been an even better match cuz it was good until desync.

2nd game: http://www.dota-league.com/?section=replays&id=271426&action=get

After winning first we were more confident even though there was desync, cuz we played a good game, not flawless but good. Our picks in second game were satisfactory and worked quite well. We picked suitable heroes and adapted to their laning. Coming in to the match we had few ideas on how they would lane, (venge am, wr solo, puck shaker) or (venge am, puck, wr shaker) and ofc the tripple which we adapted to. This game we came hard and it was shown on the scoreboard. At 25 min mark approximately we had all of their outter towers both 1st and 2nd with the score being 26-7 in our favour while they had taken our 3 1st outter towers . We had total control and played our game without letting them play theirs. Then maelk dropped and we decided to play on cuz we once again had no fresh save and we felt confident with the advantage. The game was delayed a bit due to the drop but we managed to keep the control and did not let them bounce back and 20 min laters we won.

The games against kFt can be found on gosugamers.net aswell but as i mentioned before it was like a walk in the park and i dont feel like insight on those games is necessary.

Game vs dts http://www.gosugamers.net/dota/replays/30813

Last but not least the game vs dts. This was my favourite game of the day. Dts are on bootcamp and lan is the best possible way of playing an optimal game with great sync within the teamplay and that clearly gave them an advantage. Nevertheless we had been playing few games already and our moral was boosted and we were ready for it. The picking stage was quite surprising since they let us have chen which hasnt been available for months at least. The only pick we were uncertain with was the viper pick, we ran out of time and he was one of the heroes we had in mind but i think if we had extra time we would have picked something else last.

Early game dts owned us hard they showed the true strength of being on lan with great teamplay and timing and kept dominating us. They were leading big with both towers and kills until we got a dagger on panda and were able to start winning fights with a great initiate who could blink in and setup for us to followup (killing ward, euling other heroes while stunning the target etc) and a strong support behind us backing us up, lion disabling and paralyzing everyone in sight (good example with him against cm sven where he does some magic) while chen with tornados/stunners/netters was ready to disable and help lion plus meka ulti to keep us alive together with pipe viper. I think the fact that we never thought the game was over and kept fighting made us win, we did what we were supposed to. They controlled early so we had to step carefully and regain strength to be able to fight them which we did and in the end we turned it and won. Was a great ending for me and props to dts for owning us so hard, they are definetly a strong contender among top teams.

Until next time, keep it real!

peace out q:-)

Saturday, April 10, 2010

PlaymatE of DotA

Hi all

I was thinking about beginning to blog and maybe share my thoughts with you guys but i would like some feedback first to see if there are actually people wanting to read what i have to say so if you're not busy feel free to leave a comment and if you have any suggestions to what I should write about feel free to share with me and feel free to tell others aswell. For now im just checking if there is interest so if you have smth useful to say please do so, and if not then keep it to urself thank you :)

peace out! :D